Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Updates

The black crappie took Best in Show, 1st place and the catfish took 2nd at the Alameda County Fair. They're still there until the 11th of July if you want to see 'em. The competition wasn't real stiff in the "fish" department, but it got me free tickets to the fair and parking so that I could introduce my 5 yr old granddaughter to her first county fair. All and all, not a bad trade-off.

I've been a bit lazy about photographing and updating my blog--been busy fishing and carving some blue gills that are turning out rather nicely along with some small trout.

Meanwhile, here's an older photo, and not a real great one either, of the replica bass I did chasing a carved bluegill. I know I'm behind the eightball on this...too busy carving little worms and little bobbers :).

And here's a photo of Ray and our 10 pound trout caught on one of my lures! Yep, they do work!

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